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When you take a look at a building for the first time, you see the exterior. From that first glance, we have a first impression in our mind about how the inside will look, if it’s an old or new building, and if it’s clean inside. Building owners may make sure that they’re taking regular care of the lawn and garden outside, or even maintaining the brick walls. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the windows. While you may think, ‘I clean them a few times a month,’ where are you cleaning them? If it’s from the inside, you’re not fully getting your windows clean. Especially not from the view of someone outside – someone who will look at the dirty windows and get a negative first impression. Dome Window Cleaning in Naples, FL is here to ensure that the world gets a positive first impression of your home or business. Let the light shine in and have a beautiful looking home or building with crystal clear windows!

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DIY Window Cleaning Pitfalls

Cleaning the windows inside your building is a lot easier than cleaning the OUTSIDE. Here are just some things you’d have to take into consideration with exterior window cleaning:

Safety: As previously mentioned, cleaning your inside windows is much easier and normally doesn’t even require a ladder. Exterior windows are a LOT more dangerous to clean when you’re above the first floor.

Water Pressure: You may not have a choice between using hard or soft water depending on your water source. If you use hard water, you’ll only damage and stain the windows more.

Window Cleaning Supply: Professional-grade equipment is expensive and not always easy to find. Don’t injure yourself or damage your windows more using sub par window cleaning products and methods. It’s not worth it. Call the best window cleaning Naples FL has to offer and let us take care of the dirty work for you.

Why Choose Our Naples Window Cleaning

We don’t JUST clean your windows. Here are just some things we do that sets us apart from other Naples window cleaners

:Water Source: You don’t need to have a water hookup – we’re able to bring hundreds of gallons of water with us.

Soft Water: Hard water can cause minerals to leave stains on the glass – so we only use ultra purified water to not leave dissolvable solids on your windows when they dry.

Prevention: Stains come back over time – especially in Naples, FL where it rains a lot (which means hard water hitting your windows from water running off your building) Regular window cleaning maintenance will ensure your windows stay clean and free of stains

Safety: We have the professional equipment needed to access your exterior windows even above 30 ft. We follow all safety precautions and regulations. We offer the best and safest window cleaning Naples, FL has to offer. Give us a call or request a quote online and we’ll take care of all of your window pains!

Satisfaction: Dome Enterprises of Naples, FL prides itself on hard work done right. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with how clean your building looks after we’ve done our job. If there’s an issue for any reason with the window cleaning and you’re unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll make it right. We always want our customers to be happy.

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