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Solar energy is the future. More and more we’re seeing houses all over Naples, FL with solar panels on the roof. Personally, we’re big fans and we love homeowners who decide to take the plunge into environmentally-friendly (and economically friendly) energy options. One thing that is often forgotten about, however, is solar panel maintenance – specifically solar panel cleaning. In order to get as much energy from them as possible, they must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the solar panels will degrade over time. When your solar panels go neglected and are not properly maintained performance can degrade by 20%. That’s a LOT. This is due to the dirt, grime, and debris blocking the sun’s rays from passing through your solar array and generating optimal power. If you’ve noticed a difference in how your solar panels are functioning, let Naples Solar Panel Cleaning take a look at them for you. We’ll provide a free estimate and come out to clean your solar panels at a time that is most convenient for you.

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Our Naples Solar Panel Cleaning Process

Cleaning solar panels isn’t as easy as you think. Here is the solar panel cleaning service that we will provide to you:

Inspection: Before we start cleaning, we inspect the solar panels to ensure that they are in good condition. While doing this, we can also remove some debris such as leaves and twigs or rocks.

Water Source: We’re able to bring hundreds of gallons of water along to any job site. We purify all of our water to remove impurities such as calcium or other dissolvable solids. This ensures the water that drys on your solar panels will not leave any hard water residue on your panels.

Gentle Washing: While pressure washing gets things clean quickly, you don’t want to power wash your solar panels – this will only damage them. We use low water pressure and gently agitate your solar panels.

Gentle Scrubbing: We clean your solar panels with a water fed pole utilizing a soft nylon brush. We gently scrub your solar panels while rinsing them with purified water simultaneously. 

Why Choose Our Naples Solar Panel Cleaning

You may be thinking that it sounds easy enough to clean your solar panels yourself. You’ll want to keep in mind these things however:

Safety: We use the best safety equipment and follow all standard safety regulations. Working on a roof is dangerous enough without the added risk of slipping due to water.

Specialized Equipment: We have the right equipment that will let us reach your solar panels wherever they are situated – either on your roof or elsewhere. Our water fed poles allow us to safely clean at distances of up to 40 ft.

Cleaning Process: We have experience working with solar technology. We know that it requires gentle cleaning. We don’t use anything abrasive . We even condition and purify our water!

Electronic Protection: If there is anything electric nearby the solar panels (such as inverters), we will ensure to keep weater flow away from these areas.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We promise to thoroughly clean all of your solar panels perfectly. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our Naples solar panel cleaning services please call us right away so we can make everything perfect for you. We value our customers and love to serve them with excellence.

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